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Amazon best-selling author, physician, international speaker, health recovery and weight loss specialist Dr. Linell King combines science, behavioral health, and spirituality to transform your life.  He believes the solution to preventing illness is empowering each of us to take responsibility for our own health.

A renowned internist featured on ABC, NBC, and FOX, Dr. King received his medical degree from the University Of Wisconsin School of medicine and completed his residency at Johns Hopkins University and Sinai Hospital in 2000. With awards such as “Most Wellness Focuses Physician” and an Expy Writers award for his #1 Best Selling Mastering Vitality, Dr. King speaks to audiences on using the combination of both traditional and alternative practices to reach optimal health.

meetdrking1For over fifteen years working as an internal medicine physician, Dr. King treated thousands of patients suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and cancer.  After experiencing the heartbreaking consequences of disease in his own family and discovering life-saving information for preventing these diseases, Dr. King left his practice and embarked on a personal quest determined to help his patients and clients successfully and sustainability implement the information he was learning in their own lives.

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meetdrking3Disillusioned with Western medicine and its dependence on prescription drugs, Dr. King traveled to Chennai, India, where he gathered with people representing faiths and healing methods from all over the world.  The relationships he built and knowledge he gained about holistic methods of healing transformed his views regarding healing the body.  This experience became a pillar of his future contribution to medicine.  Determined to combine science, behavioral health, and spirituality, Dr. King began paving the way for an unprecedented and all-encompassing form of healing.

After realizing how his unique approach to health and weight management dramatically changed the lives of his patients, Dr. King was determined to share this life altering information with as many people as possible. He diligently crafted what would later become the #1 best-seller “Mastering Vitality”, an insight into combining science, behavioral health, and spirituality to transform your mind and health.


Mastering Vitality Speaker

Dr. King has committed his life to those who strive to be the best, achieve high, and are willing to do what it takes to live life to the fullest.  His Mastering Vitality presentation is about achieving balance and navigating through the complexity of your life to create a simple and sustainable plan for being the healthiest you have ever been.

Dr. King is a leading resource for both individual and organizational health transformation, empowering people to take responsibility for their well-being and live their best life.  Audiences leave Dr. King’s presentations with clear strategies on how optimize their health, eliminate pain, and get energized to create a more productive personal and professional life.

Dr. King gives a lifestyle approach to achieving ultimate vitality.  Most people focus on what they should do, what they should or should not eat.  Dr. King’s focus is on “What Works” – a lifestyle that is specific to each person.  He develops specific programs that are fun and achievable, finally making the unachievable, achievable.

Dr. King makes people hopeful again that they can WIN.  They can win in the battle with their health.  They can win in the battle with disease.  They achieve a new outlook on life that leads to increased productivity and happiness for your company.

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Mastering Vitality Group Program

You feel like you’ve tried every diet known to man and yet are still in the same place you were one year, two years, five years ago.  This is because diets DON’T work.  Dr. Linell Kings program Never Diet Again is a revolutionary change in your lifestyle resulting in a revolutionary change in your health.  In his three decade long career Dr. King had studied countless programs and know the reason we fail are due to a lack of support, the exhausting number of options that result in failure, and an accountability factor that other programs lack.

Enough is enough.  Dr. King has developed a lifestyle program with a network support system as well as Dr. King’s personal guidance to ensure healthy, lasting results.  If you are exhausted from trying programs that fail to deliver and ready for a world renowned health transformation expert to guide you into the best health you’ve ever had, now is the time to join Dr. King in the decision that will dramatically change your life.

Join this exclusive membership for personal access to Dr. King and the support and tools you’ll need including:

90 Minute Group Call with Women who are as motivated and inspired to change their lives as you are.

Weekly accountability meetings with Dr. King to keep you focused and rejuvenated

Q&A “Hot Seat” group calls every month with other people dedicated to Mastering Their Vitality

Access to the Vitality Community for support and celebrations of your success

Access to the Never Diet Again Vitality Recordings for essential tips and recommendations

A Free download of Dr. King’s tracking document to keep on track and achieve maximum results

A FREE copy of Dr. King’s best-selling Mastering Vitality, the essential guide to achieving your health transformation goals

Remember… The most important thing you will ever invest in is your health. You are worth what it takes to change your life.

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The Book

Mastering Vitality is a life changing program that will give you the tools to master your own health, liberate yourself from disease, and live, everyday as the best version of yourself.


  • Gain control of your health

  • Discover how to reverse dreadful diseases like diabetes

  • Learn how to listen to your body

  • How to get emotional leverage for fast results

Give yourself the gift of health and the freedom that comes when you are living your best life. Get started on your journey to wellness!


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